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Why Change Initiatives Fail - The Dirty Dozen
Change initiatives are large, long-term projects whose purpose is typically to change core business processes and corporate culture, with the goal of creating a higher performance organization.  Their long-term nature and impact on managers and performers throughout the organization, make them particularly risky projects.


Inadequate change models and fragmented methodologies hinder change
2. Organizations lack sufficient organizational knowledge, experience or resources
3. Top management commitment and support for project falters
4. Employees don't buy in to change rationale or methods
5. Efforts emphasize activities instead of results
6. Energies are off-task (not focused on clear, achievable project objectives)
7. Management processes are not redesigned to support changed business processes
8. Changed business processes are not kept under control
9. Objective measures for results, process control and performance are not utilized
10. Middle management fails to lead and empower the organization
11. Individuals don't get enough feedback, coaching and reinforcement
12. Culture and platform of continuous improvement are not achieved

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