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Project Management Course Topics
JTM, in conjunction with our strategic partner - Conard Associates, train and facilitate client management and staff alike in a systematic approach for team development, project planning, risk assessment, and implementation.  Our approach relies heavily on new collaborative team concepts, such as empowerment, shared responsibility, and shared accountability, that are critical to project success in the increasingly competitive and complex business environments facing businesses today.

The following course outline will give you an overview of our approach and methods.


Overview of Project Management
2. Performance Excellence and Project Management
3. Scoping The Project
4. Creating The Project Team
5. Detailing The Project Plan
6. Validating Deliverable Requirements
7. Re-engineering The Project Map
8. Estimating Project Time Requirements
9. Defining Project Accountabilities and Schedules
10. Determining and Scheduling Project Resources
11. Identifying Project Vulnerabilities and Contingencies
12. Establishing Customer Checkpoints and Milestones
13. Determining Project Tracking Methods
14. Determining Project Communications Methods
15. Facilitating Project Performance Through Performance Management
16. Evaluating Project Results

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