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Web Design

Our Web design rate is $75.00 to $125.00 per hour, depending on the task performed. (i.e., graphics vs. programming) In most instances we provide a fixed price estimate for the design of your company’s Web site.

To give you and idea of web development fees, our recent engagements have ranged from between $75 for a Single page to $8,000 for a full site depending on your companies needs. Your Site could include features such as those mentioned in Philosophy.  If you need more advanced pricing refer to our advanced price list.

To discuss your organization's specific needs contact: Dan Jinks

HTML(Web Page) Programming

(Up to 500 words per page)

Main Page $150.00
Each Additional Page $80.00
Image Programming/Manipulation $15.00/per image
Image Scanning/Manipulation $25.00/per image
Order Form (info sent via email) $150.00/form
Custom made graphics, backgrounds or gif animations $75.00/per hour

All information can be submitted on diskette or via e-mail

Registration Services
Domain Name Registration - $75.00 (includes 2 year registration with Internic + Setup)
Search Engine Registration (200-250 entries depending on your content) - $50.00

Other Services
Optimization and General Consulting Services - $125.00/hour


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