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Representative Insurance Consulting Assignments

Property and Casualty Assignments:

World’s 2nd Largest Commercial Lines Insurance Carrier.

Developed a Customer Loss Analysis System for distribution to all the company’s major accounts. The system allows interactive analysis and reporting of the customer’s claims experience. A custom report writer and graphics capabilities are included. The system also generates monthly claims history diskettes for each customer. This system has been selected as a finalist in the 1994 Windows World Open competition held at Spring COMDEX.  The client feels the system provides them considerable competitive advantage.

Major International Aviation Insurance Underwriter (six year assignment):

Developed an information technology strategy and long-term information systems plan. Assisted the organization in implementing that plan. Specific work assignments included:

Evaluated potential hardware platforms, software packages, development environments, and database management systems for the new environment. Supervised the installation of the new equipment and software. Developed and implemented a training program for all staff for the new environment.

Developed new departmental standards for application development and trained staff in project management, structured analysis, and structured design.

Supervised three development teams that redesigned mainframe computer systems, including accounting applications, policy management and billing, and claims management. Application design work stressed modular and structured techniques and fourth generation languages.

Designed the national IBM SNA backbone network connecting the central mainframe to branch office local area networks (LANs). Developed the technical architecture for the branch office LANs.

Assisted in the design and implementation of a LAN-based litigation management system that links to mainframe financial data and provides a competitive advantage to the organization.

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