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Representative Consulting Assignments for Manufacturers:

National Textile Manufacturer: 
Documented business processes, developed business requirements, and evaluated software vendors to replace aging order processing, manufacturing, and warehousing software for all company locations.  Developed IT policies and procedures and associated compliance tests for conformance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

National pharmaceutical manufacturing company:
Developed a prototype order management system using a client/server architecture, Microsoft Windows, PowerBuilder client programs, and a relational database. The system was interactive, but also included EDI interfaces, and replaced mainframe systems.

International precious metals manufacturer:
For ten years supported and enhanced the company’s business systems and manufacturing systems.  Modules include order management, invoicing, order and sales analysis, commissions, inventory control, hedging control, and quality control.  The system supports 30 users, with Microsoft Windows clients and a centralized database for all applications.

National consumer paper products manufacturer:
During a three month assignment, designed and developed a prototype for an executive information system. The application uses the latest windowing software and interfaces with outside information databases. The system will be used by top executives in the firm's headquarters to retrieve and review information on competitors and other corporations of interest.

Regional food manufacturer:
During a seven month period, reorganized the MIS staff and supervised the migration of financial applications from a mainframe to a minicomputer. Converted seven autonomous plants to a standard chart of accounts and procedures. Implemented general ledger and accounts payable packages, trained staff, designed and managed program modifications, for all seven plants. The project was on time and on budget.

Designed and implemented an SNA network from the company's IBM mainframe and minicomputer to all branches where personal computers and terminals were networked together.

Multinational electronics manufacturer:

Managed system analysis, design and project management for the development and implementation of an on-line order entry system. The project took over 10,000 man-hours over a 14 month period.

Trained thirty systems developers in project management, structured analysis, and structured design techniques. Developed a corporate application development methodology and IS standards, including tracking and control procedures as well as reporting software.

Reorganized and supervised six international data processing facilities at subsidiary locations, upgrading equipment, developing and installing corporate standard accounting software, and hiring and training staff.

Multinational computer products and office equipment manufacturer:
Reorganized and supervised five international data processing facilities at subsidiary locations, upgrading equipment, and hiring and training staff.

Developed corporate standard accounting software and installed it in all international subsidiaries, training both MIS and accounting staff.

Multinational chemical products manufacturer:
Developed a technology architecture plan for offering computing and networking services from three different mainframe computing facilities to several thousand employees of a major research center.

National fluid instruments manufacturer:
Developed an information technology plan for replacing the firm's aging minicomputer-based equipment and systems. Assisting in the evaluation of software packages for the new environment.

Developed an executive information system used to analyzing sales and order information using graphical charting techniques, interactive design, Microsoft Windows and Excel, and Superbase.

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