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Representative Insurance Consulting Assignments

Health Care Assignments

Major Mid-West Blue Cross Blue Shield organization:

Evaluated performance problems with an IBM mainframe running a membership and billing application. Recommended changes that resulted in 100 percent improvement in overnight batch processing throughput.

Analyzed the work load on multiple mainframes and developed a plan for moving all work from one machine onto another with minimal cost and time. The client realized a savings of $300,000 to $500,000 per year.

Evaluated on-line claims processing systems to replace an aging and inflexible, internally developed system. Developed the implementation plan for installation, modification and testing of the selected package.

Major New England Health Care Organization:

Evaluated performance problems on the organization's claims processing system. Conducted a search for a replacement hardware, providing more capacity and reliability. Designed and conducted benchmark tests to verify acceptable capacity and performance. Our recommendations resulted in the acquisition of over $5MM of hardware.

Developed an executive information system to analyze claims history data. The system featured graphical representations of all data and the ability to view data at any level in the database. The system uses Microsoft Windows and Excel linked to a networked database.

Major Financial Institution:

Evaluated the technical merits of a health care software vendor, being considered for acquisition by the client. Reviewed staff technical expertise, the quality of the coding and documentation, and reliability and performance characteristics of hardware and operating system. Recommendations resulted in acquisition of the company.

Surgeon's Practice :

Developed, installed and maintained office automation system that handles patient visit accounting, including HCFA claims generation, billing statements, and accounts receivables. 

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