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Automating Internet Explorer

Here are some links to additional information and code examples, for both Visual Basic and Visual C++.  When automating Microsoft Internet Explorer, the reference libraries used are Microsoft Internet Controls (shdocvw.dll) and Microsoft HTML Object Library (mshtml.tlb).  The Class Name: "InternetExplorer.Application" is associated with shdocvw.dll   The other, mshtml.tlb, allows you to read various elements of the Internet Explorer/WebBrowser Control's HTML text.  

Web Development Workshop

Reusing Internet Explorer and the WebBrowser Control: An Array of Options

Reusing the WebBrowser Control

WebBrowser Control

Use the WebBrowser Control to Open an Office Document (Q243058)

HOWTO: Use the WebBrowser Control from Visual Basic 5.0 (Q162719) and 
PRB: Accessing the Internet Explorer Document Object Model From Visual Basic (Q238313)

Browser Helper Objects: The Browser the Way You Want It

Web Development Samples and Downloads

Using MSHTML to access the Internet Explorer Object Model

Web Development Reference for C/C++ Developers

Using MFC to Host a WebBrowser Control

HOWTO: Use the WebBrowser Control to Open Office Documents (Q304643)

FAQs & Highlights for Internet Explorer (Programming)

Note: Use your VBA Object Browser to explore the InternetExplorer and WebBrowser object methods and properties.  The WebBrowser Control, used to display HTML on a form, has limited functionality compared to automating Internet Explorer.


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