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JTM ConneX version 3.4

Increase your productivity in dealing with people by 30 to 50 percent! Spend your time dealing with people, not paperwork.

ConneX is a powerful but easy to use Windows based personal information manager designed to eliminate paperwork and simplify your life so you can concentrate on taking care of your customers, suppliers and prospects.

ConneX allows you to quickly find information you filed away weeks or even months ago and retrieve it fast.

ConneX organizes your business cards, names and addresses, notes about people, events, or tasks to be completed and keeps track of them all electronically.

ConneX schedules your meetings and other events also. A useful query and reporting feature allows you to print out lists of events or contacts in date order with associated data fields according to your design.

ConneX manages your telephone calls. If you have a modem, it can dial your numbers automatically. Make notes in your contacts record, including date stamping the information so you can recall it instantly the next time you call or receive a call.

ConneX interfaces effortlessly to your word processor so that names and addresses are automatically entered into letters, envelopes, faxes, and shipping labels.

ConneX allows you to import and export to other programs where you may need your data, even non-Windows programs. Mailing lists can be easily constructed from the addresses and other information you export.

ConneX allows you to restrict the information you review or export using a filter so only a portion of your records are viewed or affected.

ConneX was developed with a full featured database engine and the possibilities to extend it are tremendous.

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