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JTM Customer Loss Analysis System version 2.2
Built-in Report Writer - Quick Reports

Using the system's built-in Quick Report feature , you can create and run reports that contain data from one or more files associated with the on-screen form. Quick Report offers options that you can use to define in great detail the data you want to appear in your report and how you want it to appear. Using the Quick Report feature, you can

  • Select files and fields to include in the report
  • Use column commands and options that define how columns appear in your report
  • Group data and calculate totals for the groups
  • Sort data in ascending or descending order
  • Create and change calculated columns, groups, totals and sort orders
  • Define a report header
  • Choose where to send your report
  • Save your report
  • Open an existing report Quick Reports

Your quick report can be as simple or as complex as you need. For example, you can create a quick report to display all data from one file, using the default display options that the system provides, with columns corresponding to fields and rows corresponding to record data.  You can also display data from more than one file.

You use the Define Quick Report dialog box to create and run quick reports. The files list displays the open files and column commands you can use in this report. Many of the options you select on the Define Quick Report dialog box lead to other dialog boxes where you can further define the data you want to appear in your report and how you want it to appear.

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