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JTM Customer Loss Analysis System version 2.2
Product Features

  • Manages multiple lines of business and multiple summary data views
  • Customizable formats for data
  • Easy to use forms with intuitive design, allowing the company or customer risk analyst to use the system with minimal training
  • File import for periodic claims history refresh form your mainframe files.
  • Automatic generation of Email with attached data to customers on scheduled basis
  • Standalone analysis of any customer (regional version) or a single customer’s claims data (customer version)
  • Provide easy-to-use single customer version to any major account risk manager
  • Contact and Customer master maintenance via the included JTM ConneX 3.0 at regional sites
  • Main or regional headquarters can easily generate periodic data update diskettes with personalized mailing and diskette labels
  • Interactive drill-down from summary to detail level to review individual claims records
  • Built-in report writer (Quick Reports) for AD-HOC reporting
  • Customer defined location codes with three levels of coding
  • Automatic generation of 11 summary views of the data during the import cycle
  • Main or regional headquarters can easily personalize program diskettes for use by major account customers
  • Flexible graphical sub-system for generating , printing, saving, and converting data charts
  • Standard summary and detail level report with wizard to customize desired columns and sort order
  • Graphical charting subsystem for performance data with 6 standard graphs
  • Full on-line, hyper-text help, including graphical images of most dialog boxes
  • Custom report writing capabilities, with print to screen, printer, or file, and with group totals and other summary features
  • Record filtering facility to create file subsets for restricted view or further manipulation

JTM Customer Loss Analysis System Overview


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